Looking for Musicians: Forming a Latinamerican Music Band

Hello y'all,

About the project: I'm looking to start a band centered around Latinamerican Music and was looking for some players to join. For now, We would be interested in playing a setlist like this, but I am very open to change it:

Tudo o que voce podia ser - Milton Nascimento
Chilanga Banda - Cafe Tacvba
Del Tope al Fondo - Cultura Profética
Soledad y el mar - Natalia Lafourcade
La Rumba me llamo yo - Cubafonia
Agua - Jarabe de Palo

The instrumentation should be mostly acoustic, as it also would be nice to go busking some time. We are also looking to generally play anything from oldies, folkloric, to modern songs, but some artists beyond the aforementioned are: Susana Baca, Quarteto em Cy, Chico Buarque, Chabuca Granda, Totó la Momposina, Mercedes Sosa, Jorge Drexler, Camila Meza, Stu Mindeman, Charly Garcia, etc....

About us: Evidently, we are all latinamerican (you don't have to be), from Peru, Chile, Mexico and Guatemala. We range from Bachelors to PhD, and surprisingly, we all do something mildly related to biology (you also don't have to). We are just looking to make some nice music (and perhaps cook some good food from time to time)

About you: Enjoys Latinamerican music and vibing at their instrument. Has a jazz background or a good ear so that we can have improvised fun (not at all looking for Jacob Colliers tho, if it sounds fun but unsure about your skills, at least come try it out ;) ). If you can sing on top of your instrument, that would be excellent.  Also if your instrument is weird and/or local then better. Brazilians are encouraged to reach out. We're looking for the following:

Singers (the more the merrier, hopefully familiar with singing in portuguese/spanish)
Strumming Stringed instrument -a la guitar- (We have one guitar for now but looking for a second or another instrument)
Lead Strings -a la violin- (We have one violin for now, looking for another instrument)
Percussions (A cajon player (I can lend mine) or other portable percussion, drumming skills are more of an extra since we wouldn't have one available often)
Bass (Not necessarily upright since I have an horizontal acoustic bass, if you play ukelele bass that'd be super cool too)
Winds (something soft like flute or clarinet would be nice)
Any random instrument (idk, accordion or something)

If anything here sounds interesting to you (even if you see this months later), feel free to reach out at 

canezg@student.ethz.ch or (preferably) send me a Whatsapp message to +41 79 222 69 48


Gonzalo et al.

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Ad posted on: 2022-11-27 12:24:25