Singer-Songwriter Meetup and Jam

What we're about

Hi everybody! This meetup is for people at ETH and UZH who want to improve their songwriting skills in a friendly, constructive and social setting. It's never too late or too early! All ages, genders, orientations etc. welcome. We meet up about once per month and exchange our newest hits ;)

Next Meetup

Location: HPI D2.1 (ETH Hönggerberg, in the same building as the Coop)

Date+Time: March 29th, 17:15-19:15

If you're interested, I ask you to please bring 1-2 unfinished songs, melodies/instrumentals or lyrics you have on hand, be it live with an instrument or recorded (maybe bring phone speakers or something if that's the case), and we'll play them for each other and give each other feedback. The level you're at really doesn't matter, everybody's welcome. If you have lyrics, it would be nice if you could bring enough lyric sheets for everybody. The room is quite small, so I ask you to respect the limited number of participants (there is a piano). According to the room's rules, we can only eat, drink and smoke outside, but we'll take a break so people can do that if they want.

Please register below, if you would like to participate.


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