The Soirées are small and informal concerts which are meant to complement the larger seasonal concerts. This is the right place to perform if you don't want the stress of playing in front of a large audience. The soirée is also the perfect place to try out new things, like a new instrument you started learning or playing your own composition. All types of performances at any level are welcome!

Last but not least, the soirée is a great opportunity for networking. After the performances, there is a small apéro where you get the opportunity to exchange with the other musicians.

We usually organize 1-2 Soirées per semester. The application deadline for the performers is intentionally kept very late (usually 1-2 days before the event) such that musicians can spontaneously decide if they want to participate or not.

If you are curious, please join us at the next Soirée! You can find the dates in the calendar.