Indie Rock Guitarist seeking band (or members)

My name is Kyle, I play guitar and bass guitar, and I'm looking to join or form a band to play indie rock, alt rock, or something similar. I have no formal training but have been playing guitar and bass for about ten years. I've previously written and played music with four different bands, playing lead guitar for two of them, rhythm guitar for one of them, and bass for one of them. I recorded EPs with three of these bands, and have played shows at bars, concert venues, and basements. I'm up for playing covers and writing originals, depending how the group fits together. In either case, it would be great to meet and jam a few times, and if all goes well, to start playing small shows around Zurich. 

Previous acts still on Spotify:

If you already have a band and are looking for a guitarist or if you sing/play an instrument and are interested in meeting up sometime, let me know! You can reach me at +46 070 716 06 53 on WhatsApp or at my email, 

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Ad posted on: 2022-10-07 15:25:55