Bassist (f/d/m) for Ska-Punk-Reggae Band

Pueblo Criminal is looking for a new bassist

These are the qualities you bring to the table:

- Longtime and advanced bass playing in various genres. Especially in ska, rock, reggae and punk.

- At least once a week (Tuesday evening) rehearsal with the band in Schwerzenbach near Zurich.

- The band and its concerts have a correspondingly higher priority in your private life

We are a motley crew and enjoy music, love to rock live and support each other. We are not professional musicians, but we are very ambitious and are currently going pretty full throttle!

Currently we are working on our third studio album together with producer Tony Lopez from Ska-P. First concert after a break of several years is planned for September 22.

For more information please contact us by phone or get to know the whole band.

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Ad posted on: 2022-07-10 11:02:45