Accordion/violin/piano/organ player looks for partners

I'm looking into playing classical/folk/jazz or smth else - I'm quite open to any collaborations (ich kann auch Hochdeutsch :)

My main instrument is the button accordion (had this in musical school back in Russia - was participating in the competitions on the post-USSR level, but decided to leave music as a hobby, for now, went to math/physics/AI... In school I played in different folk/accordion orchestras/duos)

But I play other mentioned instruments on a ~high-intermediate level (and want to learn more in future - e.g. yours!), so we can try different combinations

I'm really passionate about polyphonic things and the beauty and color of sound itself, that's why playing together with others would be more fun for me! (the only less fun thing is coordination, but we will tackle it if it goes well and therefore motivating)

I would be happy also to try more improvisation/jamming, as the ability to play from sheet music isn't really the whole thing :)

Also sharing knowledge about different techniques and learning instruments is interesting

Looking forward to hearing from you at the ETH email (I've just finished MSc) or simply anmax<the last prime number before 100>

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Ad posted on: 2022-02-10 19:19:31