You like lofi hip hop and play an instrument?

Heyy, nice to meet you!

If you like to listen to lofi hip hop, or have ever listened this study livestream on YouTube:

Then there's a good chance that you've already heard one of my tracks. I am known anonymously as "Peak Twilight" online:

I am constantly on the lookout for talented musicians (independent of the instrument you play, I will start working with singers soon too!) who would like to share the joy of writing/composing, producing and having their music get heard by hundreds of thousands of listeners worldwide. Don't worry if you don't have any experience in producing music, I will help you through the process of collaboration if necessary and if you wish, I can teach you a thing or two on how I create my music along the way.

If you've got an original melody on your instrument or something that would fit a lofi hip hop track format, just share it with me and we can talk to see what we can do with it!

A little more about me: I speak English, French, Turkish and German. I play the piano as my main instrument for over 13 years now. I used to play a lot of classical music but now I'm more into jazz and modern styles. I have experience as a lead pianist in multiple orchestras, bands and other live events, as well as studio environments.

You can find my art account on Instagram:

Or go directly on my website for all the links:

You can also contact me directly at

Excited to meet you <3


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