Metal band looking for guitar/bass player

We are a band with three members (guitar, drums, 2x vocals) from the area of Winterthur. We consist of two ambitious hobby musicians and one professional musican. Our genre is a mixture of symphonic and progressive death metal. We are influenced by modern symphonic (death) metal acts such as Epica and Mayan, however, we also take notes from heavier, more rhythm-centered bands such as Meshuggah or Decapitated. In 2020 we released our demo and we are currently occupied with the production of our debut album, which we plan to release in the course of 2022.

A pleasant atmosphere within the band is very important to us. We all pursue this hobby because of our passion for music but also because we want to have fun together. Therefore, one requirement is that you fit into our 'band vibe' on a personal level. It is also important to us that you are motivated and reliable in order to bring our vision of Kerberos to life together.
Another requirement is that you either already play 7-string guitar respectively 6-string bass or are willing to learn one of these instruments. You should be technically proficient on your instrument and be able to play tight with a click. Furthermore, you should not be afraid of odd time signatures as we use plenty of those. As a great deal of our songwriting occurs on guitar pro 6 (or newer), working with this program is mandatory. Writing songs by yourself is not a requirement, however, it would be an advantage if you are able to compose your own solos.


Our demo, The Awakening of the Hellhound is available on Bandcamp and other streaming platforms. If you send us a serious inquiry, we are happy to show you something from the album we are currently working on






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Ad posted on: 2021-12-06 01:47:40