Musikplattform of ETH & University of Zurich

Welcome to Musikplattform

The Musikplattform is the association of hobby musicians at ETHZ and the University of Zurich and is intended for all students and staff members of both universities.

Music is a great way to undwind from the stress in the academic life. It is important that musicians have the possibilitiy to network and to perform in front of an audience, so that they can share their passion with other like-minded individuals. This is line with the ideas of a former student and professor in Zurich: "Kreativität ist ansteckend. Gib sie weiter." (Albert Einstein)

You can find more information about our association here.

Our goals and offerings

We organize multiple concerts each semester (typically three) to give our members the possibility to perform their hard work in front of a large audience. The Musikalischer Abend is the largest concert and takes place at AudiMax in the main building of ETH. The other concerts usually take place in the KOL Aula at University of Zurich.

We also extend this program with two additional concerts, the Soirées, which take place in a much smaller circle and which also have a more spontaneous aspect to them.

Check out the calendar, to find out when the next concerts will take place!

Musikplattform members can easily find and contact other musicians through the Music Network. They can also post "ads" on our bill-board to find fellow musicians to participate in their next project.

By signing up on the music network you also receive a monthly newsletter, where you stay up-to-date with an overview of all music-related activities happening on campus.

In the Information Portal part of the webpage you can find the centralized list of all active music groups (e.g. orchestras, choirs, bands, etc...) at ETH and UZH and how to contact them.

Finally we also organize multiple opportunities for musical Eduction, such as a course in harmony theory and piano weekends with a professional solist.

We also keep a list of (external) offerings for instrumental lessons, which you can find here.

For any questions, suggestions and criticism you can contact us via email. The Musikplatform is completely run by volunteers and we are always looking for helping hands. So please feel free to contact us if you are interested in helping us out!

Musikplattform events for autumn semester 2021:

Date: November 27th and November 28th

Location: Musik Hug Zürich

More information can be found on the flyer.

Date and Time: December 4th, 17:00

Location: HXE B1, Hoenggerberg

This event aims to help the Musikplattform's membership network with each other, in person.

Are you looking for a band? Jam-session buddies? To form a quartet? Find a partner for duets? Just to meet other musicians? This event is for you!

More details coming soon! :)

Musikplattform calendar

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