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Aug 11, 2017

I look forward to starting a weekend project of sorts with musicians interested in Latin American rhythms and TexMex. I come from Monterrey, Mexico, and I'll be here in Zürich for my PhD for another 3 years. I hesitated a lot before posting this ad and what ultimately motivates me to do so is that I really feel this town needs more fiesta and I'd like to meet like-minded musicians.

I play piano, guitar and do vocals. I'd be particularly interested in finding 2nd vocals/guitar, an accordionist and a percussionist. The idea is to have fun and share it with our friends. I look forward to play LatAm music, with a focus on cumbia, rock en Español, TexMex, and ranchero (think about El Gran Silencio, Celso Piña, bands from "la avanzada regia", Tigres del Norte, Montañeses del Álamo, etc.), but also salsa and tango. Again, the idea is to have fun and share our music with our friends. But if the project develops well, why not, we could try other stages.

If you're interested and think as well that this town needs more cumbia, don't hesitate to email me.

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Aug 4, 2017

We are a yound and new band from the region of Zurich and play instrumental rock mainly for fun, but also would like to play some concerts on the way. We write our own songs.

We are looking for a bassist, that enjoys playing music and likes post-rock/post-metal/shoegaze etc...

Please contact us, if you are interested!

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Jul 23, 2017

Ich verkaufe mein nahezu ungebrauchtes Rode NT1 Kit (Achtung, Nicht NT1 A). Es handelt sich dabei um ein professionellen Studiomikrofon (Nierenkondensatormikrofon). Da sich kurz nach Kauf meine akademischen Pläne geändert haben, hatte ich leider nie genügend Zeit, mich mit dem Gerät intensiv zu beschäftigen. Darum möchte ich es nun gerne abgeben.

I am selling my nigh on unused RODE NT 1 Microphone Kit (Note: It's not the NT1 A!). It is quite a professional studio microphone (A condenser microphone) from the firm RODE. Shortly after buying it, my academic plans unexpectedly changed by a huge bit, so that I never actually found time to intensely try the device out ever since. That is why I have now decided, to give it away to some other happy musician, who will hopefully find as much use for it as the beautiful instrument deserves.

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Jun 25, 2017

Hey zusammen,

Ich bin vor 9 Monaten nach Zürich gezogen und ich vermisse es mit anderen Leuten Musik zu machen. Ich würde gerne Electro-pop/Indie-pop/Alternative R&B mit Ableton und was man sonst noch so organisieren kann (Gitarre, Vocals, Synth, Klavier, ...) machen. Ich würde mich selber als besseren Anfänger einstufen, daher wäre es vor allem toll Musiker zu finden die auf entspanntem Amateur-Niveau gemeinsam Musik machen wollen. Es wäre schön sich ein bis zwei Mal abends die Woche zu treffe, gerne aber auch seltener. Ich habe einfach mal was Musik angehangen die mir von der Richtung gut gefällt (ganz unten). Bin aber auch für anderes offen. Ich freue mich über jede Rückmeldung.


Hey there,

I moved to Zürich 9 month ago and I miss making music with other people. I would like to make some electro-pop/indie-pop/alternative R&B using mainly Ableton and whatever is available (guitar, vocals, synth, piano …). I think I’m an intermediate beginner and it would be amazing to meet some likeminded people that approach this in a relaxed and amateur way. Would be nice to meet one or two evenings a week, but it could be less if this is too often for you. I attached some musicians that I for example really like. Looking forward to hearing from you.



Chat Faker

London Grammar

Sylvan Esso



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Jun 16, 2017

Fortgeschrittene Amateure (Mitte vierzig) mit Ensembleerfahrung und Bereitschaft, sich auf professionelle Arbeitsweise einzulassen, suchen Geige mit Interesse an Teilnahme an Unterricht sowie Ferienkursen im Ausland (idR ausserhalb Schulferien). Proben nur an Wochenenden ca. alle 2-3 Wochen je 2 Stunden am linken Zürichseeufer. Beispiel eines Kurses, den wir besuchen möchten:

Bitte melde dich unter der E-Mail-Adresse:

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