Klavierwochenende mit Patrizio Mazzola

Datum: 05.August 2017 10:30 bis 06.August 2017 18:00


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Jun 25, 2017

Für ihr August-Projekt suchen die Winterthurer Symphoniker http://symphoniker.ch/ noch Geigen. Geprobt wird 2x im Juli und dann in Arosa, siehe Probenplan http://symphoniker.ch/files/probenplan_sommer_2017.pdf

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Jun 16, 2017

Fortgeschrittene Amateure (Mitte vierzig) mit Ensembleerfahrung und Bereitschaft, sich auf professionelle Arbeitsweise einzulassen, suchen Geige mit Interesse an Teilnahme an Unterricht sowie Ferienkursen im Ausland (idR ausserhalb Schulferien). Proben nur an Wochenenden ca. alle 2-3 Wochen je 2 Stunden am linken Zürichseeufer. Beispiel eines Kurses, den wir besuchen möchten: http://www.dillington.com/events/musical-instruments/26/dillington-string-quartet-coaching-weekend/1081/.

Bitte melde dich unter der E-Mail-Adresse: streichquartett@gmx.ch

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Jun 11, 2017

Hi all,

I have been playing the accordion for a couple of years now, at my free time, mostly learning songs that I like. I have no formal musical education. I'm looking for a teacher, it has to be English speaking. If you are interested or you know anyone that could help, please drop me a line!

Thank you,


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Jun 6, 2017

Dear friends and colleagues

My name is Pavel Pozdnyakov and I offer music lessons at a very special price for students and PhDs. For all others, at a normal rate.

About me:

I earned MA in Music Performance and Pedagogy from Gnesins Music Academy Moscow and MA in Music Performance from Highschool Lucerne, both with the highest grades.

I played at such music festivals, as Lucerne Festival, Moscow Autumn and others.

Among my teachers are Dimitri Illarionov, Hubert Käppel and Andreas von Wangenheim. I participated in masterclasses with such musicians, as Sofia Gubaidullina, Oscar Ghilia, Beat Furrer, Lorenzo Michelle, Zoran Ducic and many others.

During my studies I also take lessons in orchestra conducting and composition. So, my debut as a conductor was with a student ensemble, performed my peace.

Currently I am a conductor of Mandolin Orchestra Baar and a first year Bachelor student in Computer Science at ETH.

What I offer:

1. Classical guitar lessons;

since the most of my studies was concerned with classical guitar playing.

2. Chamber music lessons;

since from the very beginning of my musical education I played in various chamber music ensembles and also studied piano and horn, and currently studying violin.

Prices for 60 min. lesson:

For students: 40 Fr.

For PhDs: 50 Fr.

For others: 80 Fr.

If you are really interested in contemporary music, such as for example works of Lachenmann, Ferneyhough or Bulez, you can get it even cheaper; just because I like this music.


You can reach my by popavel@student.ethz.ch

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May 30, 2017

Hey everyone! I am a British guitarist, sometimes bassist, sometimes trumpeter and sometimes singer. I'm looking for some people to play some music with. Influences: The Wonder Years, Modern Baseball, Tiny Moving Parts, Real Friends, Sorority Noise, NOFX, Bad Religion, Have Mercy and a lot more. If you're interested, get in touch!

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