Cumbia! Let's play some Latin American and TexMex rhythms

I look forward to starting a weekend project of sorts with musicians interested in Latin American rhythms and TexMex. I come from Monterrey, Mexico, and I'll be here in Zürich for my PhD for another 3 years. I hesitated a lot before posting this ad and what ultimately motivates me to do so is that I really feel this town needs more fiesta and I'd like to meet like-minded musicians.

I play piano, guitar and do vocals. I'd be particularly interested in finding 2nd vocals/guitar, an accordionist and a percussionist. The idea is to have fun and share it with our friends. I look forward to play LatAm music, with a focus on cumbia, rock en Español, TexMex, and ranchero (think about El Gran Silencio, Celso Piña, bands from "la avanzada regia", Tigres del Norte, Montañeses del Álamo, etc.), but also salsa and tango. Again, the idea is to have fun and share our music with our friends. But if the project develops well, why not, we could try other stages.

If you're interested and think as well that this town needs more cumbia, don't hesitate to email me.

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Posted on Aug 11, 2017