Founding a Clarinet Trio

Hello fellow clarinet players!

I would like to found a Clarinet Trio of Bb Clarinets. If there is a Bass Clarinet player out there who wants to join and make it a quartet, that would be fabulous! 

I propose we focus on Classical Music and Volksmusik, since there are many, many wonderful pieces for clarinet trios and quartets (even sex- and septets, if our little group grows!) in these two genres. 

I would prefer to play with other advanced players, since performing the really awesome pieces well requires good classical tone (smooth, dark), excellent intonation, the ability to control the upper octave at any dynamic, have a good tone when playing the "throat" tones, play challenging rhythms correctly, keep a constant tempo but still be able to adjust to your co-players on the fly without a director, and tongue lightly and fast. Playing in a group is also much more fun if all the members are good at sight reading, since then we can quickly try out new pieces and quickly decide if we want to add them to our repertoire or not.  

I propose we start rehearsing together in the second or third week of January. I've signed up to be able to use the music rooms on the Hönggerberg Campus of the ETH, and will inquire if we can use those as a rehearsal space. 

I have the sheet music for couple simple sample trios already, so that we can play something together as soon as we meet. :-) I also have plenty of sheet music for duets, so even if you are the only person to reply by January, we can still get started. :-)

If you are interested, please send me an email. 

I wish you a merry Advent and Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Some examples of the music I would like to eventually play, if we can get the sheet music for them (or if we get good enough to play it by ear, in the case of the simpler Volksmusik). All the songs are available on Spotify: 

"Fledermaus-Trio" by Johann Strauss II, as performed by Ernst Ottensamer and Sons.

"From Divertimento Don Giovanni", by Mozart, as performed by Ernst Ottensamer and Sons.

"Bei meiner Liabsten" by the Hochzeiger Klarinettentrio

"Frisch von der Alm" by the Hochzeiger Klarinettentrio

"Is scho stü uman See" by Bürgermusik Zell am See

"Regentropfenpolka" by Allgäuer Klarinettenquartett

"Mei Janker" by the Hochzeiger Klarinettentrio

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